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Einar Bertil Olof Lindström

Plumbers helper. Blev 66 år.

Far:Styckjunkare Axel Olof Lindström (1884 - 1924)
Mor:Hilma Ansgaria Appelberg (-) (1893 - 1946)

Född:1914-10-29 Visby. [1]
Döpt:1914-12-04 Visby. [1]Faddrar:
Hilma Lindström (syster)
Elin Selander
Maria Johansson
Emigrerade:1929-08-13 USA. [2]
Inskriven US Army:1941-03-12 USA. [2]"Technician Fourth Grade. Those who held this rank were often adressed as Sergant. Technicians possessed special skills that were rewarded with higher pay grade. These skills could be directly related to combat, such as those skills posessed by a tank driver or combat engineer, or skills possessed by those in support function such as a cooks or mechanics. Depending on his or her function, he or she might be called upon by an officer to command a group of men for a specific task. They were noncommissioned officers, as were sergeants. Initially, they shared the same insignia byt on September 4, 1942, the tree technician ranks were distinguished by a block "T" imprinted below the standard chevrons. Unofficial insignia using a technical speliality symbol instead of the T were used in some units"
Utskriven US Army:1945-10-09 USA. [2]
Död:1981-01-03 United States, New York, Erie, West Seneca Town. [3]


Deltog i andra världskriget. Inskrevs i US Army 12/3 1941, tjänstgjorde i 4 grade, utskrevs 9/10 1945.


1914 Födelse 1914-10-29 Visby [1]
1914 1 mån Dop 1914-12-04 Visby [1]
1916 2 år Brodern Urban Ragnar Lindström föds 1916-11-22 Visby
1919 4 år Systern Margit Inga-Britt Britt Lindström föds 1919-04-23 Visby [2]
1921 6 år Systern Berta Johanna Maria Lindström föds 1921-10-07 Visby [2]
1924 9 år Fadern Styckjunkare Axel Olof Lindström dör 1924-05-06 Visby [4]
1929 14 år Emigration 1929-08-13 USA [2]
1941 26 år Inskriven US Army 1941-03-12 USA [2]
1945 30 år Utskriven US Army 1945-10-09 USA [2]
1946 31 år Modern Hilma Ansgaria Appelberg (-) dör 1946-03-10 USA [5]
1981 66 år Död 1981-01-03 United States, New York, Erie, West Seneca Town [3]


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